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Granadilla Panna Cotta Recipe

Creamy and sweet, but surprisingly light and tangy, this summer’s dessert is just what you need after all the Valentine’s […]

Nothing mellow about yellow

Although there is nothing wrong with celebrating love and romance, you might not be that romantically-inclined. Perhaps you are recently […]

Sweetheart’s Smoothie Wine Cocktail Recipe

For some, romance lies in grand gestures, extravagant gifts and passionate declarations. For others, it is the everyday small things they […]

#SaladStory Three Green Leaf Chicken Salad

Try this recipe for Three Green Leaf Chicken Salad. It is healthy and delicious and goes beautifully with a glass […]

#Salad Story Spinach Salad with lemony green beans

Starting the New Year with all kinds of resolutions is expected and often diet and health are part of our […]

Pretty Peartini

The Pretty Peartini Wine cocktail will kick-start your party, charm your guests and establish you as a sophisticated summer host! […]

Sauvignon Blanc Smoothie

It is green, it is smooth and it has more vitamins than the average supplement schedule. Start your year with a […]

Chardonnay Shake

When your body starts to shake without you intending it to, you know it is time for the other shake, […]

#GuiltyPleasure Bread!

Bread, the staple of many, has become a thing of shame. If you dare pack a regular sandwich to work, […]

White Christmas Mojito

Although South Africans see a white Christmas only in the movies and on festive cards, there is nothing stopping us from […]

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Cupcake wine the icing on the cake for female market

For several years, winemakers and wine marketing teams have tried to come up with ‘cheap and cheerful’ wines appealing to the cosmopolitan contemporary woman, whose drink of choice is usually a fruity cocktail. A Californian winemaker may have cracked the code to this elusive market, with the creation of Cupcake Wine. Playing off another culinary trend, cupcakes for adults, Cupcake Vineyards produces wines with clever names like ‘Red Velvet’ (a zinfandel, merlot and cabernet blend).

Cupcake wine has recently been featured in the hit television show ‘Glee’, reality show ‘Mob Wives’ and the American summer smash hit movie ‘Bridesmaids’, firmly embedding the brand in pop culture consciousness.

The New York Times wrote in a recent article:

‘The appeal of Cupcake wine is probably best understood within the context of broader trends. Over the past decade, Americans increased their annual wine consumption by more than 200 million gallons, according to the Wine Institute, an industry association. More telling, 59 percent of wine is bought by women, according to 2009 figures from the Beverage Information Group, which analyzes the industry.’


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