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A New Year, A New Page

It is very hard to resits making plans of how you will better your life in the new year. We all know that New Year’s resolutions usually do not last longer than a few days, but there must be some value in at least evaluating your life and deciding on which aspects you would like to improve.

We thought of a few resolutions – maybe they remind you of something that should be on your list as well?!

New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Take time to spoil my wife / husband more often – even if it is just packing the dishwasher once in a while or buying some of his favourite wine.
  • Make sure to enjoy nature – go to the beach, hike through the forest, feel the wind in your hair
  • Eat at one of South Africa’s Top 10 restaurants – after your first experience, you might want to go to them all!
  • Be experimental in the kitchen – get friends together, try new recipes and pair them with wine.
  • Remember birthdays – save them on your phone or look on Facebook
  • Try and add some culture to your life – visit an art museum, go to a classical music concert or just enjoy some red wine from a crystal glass.
  • Invite the in-laws more often – they might just start to like you more!
  • , A New Year, A New Page

    Turn an every-day moment into a celebration with Culinaria Méthode Cap Classique sparkling wine.

  • Pop at least one bottle of Leopard’s Leap Culinaria Méthode Cap Classique per month – sparkling wine creates celebrations, you don’t need a special occasion.
  • Try your hand at tweeting
  • Make time for romance
  • Try and see your Facebook friends at least once in real life during 2014
  • Surf more – or swim more, but enjoy the lightness of being in water!
  • Exercise at least three times a week – just a walk with the dog counts as well!
  • Take the family camping – going back to basics can be a lot of fun. Just remember the cork screw!
  • Read more – make time!
  • Spend more time actually chatting to and listening to your family and less time staring at the TV
  • Visit fresh food markets – taste and try everything you can.
  • Attend as many wine tastings as possible – train your palate!
  • Hike when it is full moon – take your partner with and you have also ticked the romance box.
  • Get up early enough to watch the sun come up – just enjoy the moment.
  • Control your budget – you only need that many pairs of designer jeans!
  • Get into a habit of giving away leftover food – waste less
  • How about family night once a week?
  • Book a massage for someone who are stressed out
  • Learning a new language is a big commitment, but how about just learning the basics – Good morning, How are you, You look pretty, etc. in one of our eleven official languages that you do not yet speak.
  • Complete that home project that has been waiting on you forever
  • Travel somewhere you have never been
  • Confront a fear and get out of your comfort zone – it does not have to be public speaking or bungee jumping, perhaps just wearing red lipstick!
  • Manage your time – it is such a precious commodity
  • Forgive – there is nothing more freeing
  • Opt for a salad in stead of fries once in a while – you will feel better!
  • Give frozen yoghurt a chance
  • Clear clutter – man, that makes a big difference in one’s life!
  • How about some charity work? Perhaps just playing with the puppies at the SPCA or visiting someone in an old age home?
  • Enjoy traffic – sing out loud to the radio, plan your menu for the week or try and remember all your birthday celebrations
  • Be confident around a camera – strike a pose, pout, do not shy away
  • Wash your car – yes, do it yourself!
  • Drink enough water
  • Make an effort to be positive – we really have a lot to be thankful for!

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