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Italian Easter Bread

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Baking Babka for Easter

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Green Mary Wine Cocktail Recipe

Ingredients 2 medium-size green or yellow tomatoes 90 ml water dash green jalapeño tabasco 2 x dash bitters 15 ml […]

Celery Sour Recipe

Celery Sour Ingredients 30 ml    gin 15 ml    freshly squeezed lime juice 15 ml    simple syrup 45 ml    fresh celery […]

Carrot and Orange Cooler

Carrot and Orange Cooler Ingredients 60 ml    fresh-pressed carrot juice 30 ml    blanco tequila 30 ml    fresh orange juice 30 […]

Pinot Noir & Porcini Risotto

The earthy notes of our 2015 Culinaria Pinot Noir are beautifully echoed in the autumn flavours of this porcini risotto. […]

Tomato, Baby Marrow and Aubergine Gratin

Ingredients 1 kg ripe, firm tomatoes, thinly sliced 1 red onion, thinly sliced 350 g baby marrow, preferably mixed green […]


Cooking up a storm at Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards

Leopard’s Leap is introducing an exciting new line-up of cooking classes for aspirant “Master Chefs” wanting to
fine tune their culinary skills. Staying seasonal and relevant, the programme covers a wide spectrum of food types and cooking methods – from sharing the intriguing flavours of Mediterranean tapas, to deboning Springbok and
understanding the secrets of seafood – to name but a few.

In-house chef Pieter de Jager will present the scheduled programme for the months of April, May and June which
repeat to offer a morning class with lunch or evening class with dinner.  Not only will he share techniques and cooking
methods for each recipe, but also general cooking tips and interesting facts about the food and their origin.  A list
of special events and additional classes by visiting chefs will soon be published.

Classes take approximately two hours and are presented from the state of the art and exceptionally-equipped
kitchen. Twenty-two students can be accommodated per class and will be stationed at individual cooking stations with their own stove and utensils. Big screen television sets enable students to follow the chef’s every move while
printed recipes enable them to keep on track and try their newly acquired skills at home.

After the hectic cooking session, students are invited to relax and indulge in their own cooking-crafts – all beautifully paired by Leopard’s Leap wines as selected and recommended by Leopard’s Leap Cellar Master, Eugene van Zyl.

Reservations are essential. Please call us at +27 (0)21 876 8002 or

Classes cost: R650 per person


Cooking Classes Programme


your hand at a selection of delicate Antipasti and Tapas with the intriguing
flavour combinations of the Mediterranean.

Tuesday, 9 April at 10:00 – Morning Class and Lunch

Combine chorizo and sultanas, pork and pear, lemon and lamb, beetroot and salmon and avocado and potato

Wednesday, 17 April – Evening Class and Dinner

and antipasti fit for a king – truffle and eggs, gnocchi and sage, chilli prawns, mozzarella and anchovies and beef and shiitake mushrooms.


Seafood Specialities

the secrets of the ocean and select the best cooking methods for a variety of seafood such as squid, prawns, monkfish and oysters.

Tuesday, 7 May – Morning Class and Lunch

The dynamic taste combination of oysters and mussels made in a Methôde Cap Classique sauce and paired with Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay.

Wednesday, 15 May – Evening Class and Dinner

Steaming, grilling and poaching seafood with a focus on monkfish and crayfish.


The name of the Game – new ways with venison and game

Spice up the season of venison and game with interesting new ways and cooking methods. Combine with sweet and salty flavours and find the best wine combinations.

Tuesday, 4 June – Morning Class and Lunch

Learn how to debone a whole springbok and prepare a bacon-wrapped springbok loin with cranberry and Hanepoot jus.

Wednesday, 12 June – Evening Class and Dinner

De-bone springbok and learn the technique to roll, season and cook venison with dried fruit.


French Inspiration

Join us for a culinary journey to the South of France and indulge in the heritage and simplicity of modern French cooking paired with our brand new range of French-inspired wines, the Culinaria collection.

Tuesday, 9 July – Morning Class and Lunch

We start with typical French roasted pears and brie before cooking Supreme en Croute (Rolled Chicken Breast in puff pastry), new potatoes and asparagus and Sauce Charcuterie. The last indulgence will be in the form of Chocolate and almond marquise with raspberries.

Wednesday, 10 June – Evening Class and Dinner

Provençale poached trout, white wine and Dijon mustard will get us started before moving on to Chicken ballotine poached in verjuice and red wine with goats tart fine and salsa verde. The evening concludes with Apple and cinnamon tart tatin with pistachio ice cream.


Winter Warmer Curry

Join Vanie Padayachee, The Spice Guru, on a journey of tempering and blending spices while she shares a few of her family secrets and recipes. Born and raised in Durban, her insatiable interest in food started whilst watching her parents, both great cooks, preparing exotic Indian dishes for family gatherings.  Her cuisine is also strongly influenced by the rich diversity of cultures found in SA.

Wednesday, 14 August  – Evening Class and Dinner

Using local and seasonal produce you will be grinding, blending, chopping and cutting spices to stir up a colourful and fragrant Durban Chicken Curry, Indian Fried Bread (Roti), light and fluffy Basmati Rice, Fresh Tomato Sambals and Cucumber Raita.

Wednesday, 21 August – Morning Class and Lunch

Using local and seasonal produce you will be grinding, blending, chopping and cutting spices to stir up a colourful and fragrant Durban Chicken Curry, Indian Fried Bread (Roti), light and fluffy Basmati Rice, Fresh Tomato Sambals and Cucumber Raita.


Slow Food

We are firm supporters of the Slow Food movement and with the abundance of fresh ingredients available in spring, in the September classes you will find yourself cooking with only the freshest home-grown and locally sourced ingredients. Harvest your own meal from our vegetable garden en learn about cooking methods that will made these ingredient shine.

Tuesday, 3 September  – Morning Class and Lunch

We start with seared Franschhoek trout on a crisp spring salad with a refreshing citrus dressing. Then we stuff free-range chicken with Porcini from the Woods and serve it with a piquant sauce made from raisins, anchovy and capers. Local cheeses and the season’s preserves conclude the meal.


Wednesday, 11 September – Evening Class and Dinner

The valley’s cheeses and charcuterie compliments a baked puff pastry tart while roast pork rump, baby spring vegetables with apple and green salsa will have you practice a variety of cooking skills. We end of with a celebration of berries.

For more information on Leopard’s Leap and the new activities at Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards, please visit


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