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Fresh and fabulous from Franschhoek

Franschhoek is a foodie’s dream. Not only is the small village and surrounding wine estates home to a selection of fifty-odd restaurants, but Franschhoek is also the only member of the international Délice Network of Good Food Cities that can be found in the Southern Hemisphere!

Part of the good food journey is of course sustainability and the responsible sourcing of ingredients –  the use of seasonal and local produce. The Franschhoek Valley is blessed to have access to a wide variety of wonderful resources, one of which is the delicate and delicious Franschhoek Trout!

During March, we will be working together with Three Streams Smokehouse to bring you beautiful pairings of Franschhoek trout and Leopard’s Leap wine.

The Three Streams Smokehouse base their aquaculture practices on a deep commitment to the planet and the absolute need for sustainable fishing methods and responsible farming practices. They have full traceability of Aquaculture products, from egg to plate. They only source Wild Caught fish from sustainable and responsible fisheries, follow the SASSI guidelines and its Franschhoek and Royale Highlands trout from Lesotho is on the SASSI green list.

If you have missed our Cooking Classes on 3 and 4 March, don’t fret, this versatile fresh water fish is available from Woolworths – in all shapes and forms, from fresh to poached, cold smoked or hot smoked.

Let’s start with Franschhoek Trout in its fresh natural form – sashimi! 

Because the fish is served as raw slices, its flavour and texture has to be exceptional. To achieve this, the imported trout eggs are hatched and grown to fingerling size on the Three Streams farm in the Franschhoek Valley. They are then grown in selected dams of the Western Cape as well as the Katse dam in the Lesotho Highlands. The pristine water quality the fish are raised in, ensures the remarkable flavour and texture of the fish.

If you have access to fresh Trout, prepare your own sashimi or otherwise get delicious fresh Trout from your nearest Woolworths, serve it with avocado and a home-made Miso dressing and enjoy with a glass of the elegant Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay.

First want to try this combination? Visit us this weekend at Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards for a complimentary tasting!

Convinced? Try Chef Pieter’s recipe for  a delicious Miso dipping sauce and treat yourself to an easy and delicious supper!

Miso Sauce Recipe

250 ml Mirin

120 ml Soya Sauce

60 ml  Lemon Juice

20 ml  Sesame Oil

20 g  Miso paste

20 g  Mixed black & white sesame seeds

5 g  Wasabi powder

Blend all the ingredients together and serve as a dipping sauce.

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