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Lamb and Rosemary Pot Pie

Lamb is such an Easter tradition and as lamb is also such a great partner for our more serious reds, […]

Italian Easter Bread

We continue our baking streak for Easter. Not only does the long weekend give us more time to try something […]

Easter Eggnog Wine Cocktail Recipe

Easter Eggs have never been taken to this level! Try our all grown up Easter Eggnog wine cocktail as a […]

Croissant Cake – the perfect Autumn bake

While a summer Christmas is challenging for traditional Christmas roasts and gravy’s and puddings, South Africans are better-off weather-wise when […]

Baking Babka for Easter

Bread has a very strong link to Christian religious ceremonies and a variety of Easter breads are made during Easter […]

Green Mary Wine Cocktail Recipe

Ingredients 2 medium-size green or yellow tomatoes 90 ml water dash green jalapeño tabasco 2 x dash bitters 15 ml […]

Celery Sour Recipe

Celery Sour Ingredients 30 ml    gin 15 ml    freshly squeezed lime juice 15 ml    simple syrup 45 ml    fresh celery […]

Carrot and Orange Cooler

Carrot and Orange Cooler Ingredients 60 ml    fresh-pressed carrot juice 30 ml    blanco tequila 30 ml    fresh orange juice 30 […]

Pinot Noir & Porcini Risotto

The earthy notes of our 2015 Culinaria Pinot Noir are beautifully echoed in the autumn flavours of this porcini risotto. […]

Tomato, Baby Marrow and Aubergine Gratin

Ingredients 1 kg ripe, firm tomatoes, thinly sliced 1 red onion, thinly sliced 350 g baby marrow, preferably mixed green […]


Jane Griffith’s Delicious Plum, Chocolate and Mint Coulis

“I once cooked with the King of Chocolate, Willie Harcourt-Cooze, when he was visiting South Africa. He gave me a selection of his 100% cacao cooking chocolate to play with, and this was one of the delicious things I made. Plums are in season in late November and they pair perfectly with chocolate,” Jane Griffiths.


1 kg plums

1 cup water


½ cup fresh mint leaves

½ cup grated good-quality dark chocolate

½ cup brandy


Place the plums and water in a pot, cover and bring to the boil.Turn off heat and leave to cool.

Strain plums through a colander into a bowl, pushing with a spoon to get as much of the pulp as possible through, leaving the skins and pips behind.

Measure, and for each cup of plum pulp add one cup of sugar.

Place in a pot with the mint leaves and bring to the boil.

Cook, stirring often, until it has thickened. (Test by dropping a little onto a chilled plate. If it forms a skin when you push it, it’s ready.)

Remove from the heat and quickly stir in the chocolate and brandy. Decant into sterilised jars.

Use on pavlova, in pastry cases, between layers of sponge, over ice cream…

From Jane’s Delicious Herbs. Jane Griffiths. Published by Sunbird Publishers.

Want to know more about cooking from your garden? Join Jane’s walk and talk at Doonholm Nursery on 29 November. Click for more detail.

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