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The perfect wine: from swimming pool to sundowner, sushi to sweet!

Perfect as a sundowner, for lazing next to the pool, with your lunch salad, next to your sushi dinner and now also with that bedtime treat! The Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay Pinot Noir is as versatile as they come.

And no surprise. The essence of this wine’s versatility is in its mouthfeel. Well-balanced, its refined structure complements the most subtle of flavours and reaffirms it as a wonderful aperitif, while a textured after-taste ensures its place on the dinner table. Beautifully complementing Mediterranean cuisine, chicken, duck and fish, the combination of complex flavours and finesse in the Chardonnay Pinot Noir blend is also ideal with soft cheese such as brie, camembert and mozzarella.

Inspired by its flexibility, the team of winemakers and chefs at Leopard’s Leap has now come up with a pairing that does not only echo the pretty pinkness of the wine’s colour, but literally makes it the one wine to take you from welcome drink to dessert!

Try the 2016 Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay Pinot Noir with Chef Pieter’s home-made Turkish delight and all will make sense!

The delicate perfume of the sweets emphasises the wine’s nose of red fruit, raspberry and frangipani and harmonises with the aromas of apple and mellow citrus.

Rose-flavoured Turkish delight

Makes approximately 30 cubes


800 g white sugar

350 ml water

1 Tbsp lemon juice

500 ml cold water

125 g corn-flour

1 tsp cream of tartar

Few drops pink food colouring

1 Tbsp rose-water

180 g icing-sugar, and extra for dusting

40 g corn-flour


Place the sugar, water and lemon juice into a pot, bring to the boil, dissolve the sugar and boil rapidly for a few minutes until the sugar syrup reaches 112 °C – 116 °C (soft ball). Remove from the heat.

In a separate pan, whisk together the cold water, corn-flour and cream of tartar. Whisk until smooth, making sure there are no lumps. Continue to whisk the mixture while it is heated on the stove. As it comes to the boil, the mixture will thicken into a paste.

Remove the mixture from the heat and slowly whisk in the sugar syrup, a little at a time, incorporating each addition. Place the pan back onto the stove and cook, over a low heat, simmering, for roughly 1 hour. Stir often. Add a few drops of pink food colouring.

Now add the rose-water.

Line a tray, roughly 40 cm x 25 cm with baking paper, add the mixture to the tray and leave to cool.

Dust a cutting board with icing-sugar, remove the set Turkish delight from the tray and place onto the cutting board. Cut into cubes and place into a container with icing-sugar and corn-flour.

Store in an air-tight container at room temperature.




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