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2021 Culinaria Pinot Noir

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The Leopard’s Leap Culinaria Pinot Noir is a delicate wine with an interesting combination of red and darker fruit nuances, made in a more classic style.

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Variety: 100% Pinot Noir
Character: Leopard's Leap Culinaria Pinot Noir is a delicate wine with an interesting combination of Old World Burgundy style Pinot Noir and New World fruit driven Pinot Noir. On the nose, red and darker fruit nuances with subtle aromas of cranberry, hints of raspberry and cherry with delicate undertones of tobacco. The palate is layered and complex with a lengthy acidity that gives the wine structure and a long finish. Subtle tannins that compliment the fresh acidity of this wine result in an elegantly weighted wine exceptionally versatile in food-and-wine pairings. Duck with cranberry sauce and mushroom risotto are among favourites.
Vineyards: Elim, situated in the Cape South Coast, can be known for harsh growing conditions with strong winds and cooler, sometimes wet summers, but never ceases to surprise with and deliver exceptional quality grapes. With south facing slopes towards Cape L’Agulhas, the vineyards intercept the cool winds from the oceans nearby, ensuring that the grapes sit on the vines for longer. This longer ripening period allows for complex flavour development in the berries, without getting overly ripe and maintains a high natural acidity that make for such a lively fruit-forward Pinot Noir.
Origin: Grapes from the cool climate of Elim are used in the Culinaria Pinot Noir 2020.
Wine-making: Grapes were hand-picked at an optimal ripeness of 23,5°B. Traditional winemaking methods were used, allowing minimal intervention. After crushing, the grapes were cold soaked at 10°C for 24 hours after which fermentation took place between 22 – 24°C for 8 days and then pressed off the skins. Malolactic fermentation took place in old 225L French oak barrels and matured in these third-and fourth-fill barrels for a period of 14 months.
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5,6 g/l
13,26 % Vol
2,9 g/l