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Lookout White

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Bursting fragrant aromas of tropical fruit supported by an elegant fresh white pear and pineapple bouquet.

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Nose: Wonderfully fruity, with notes of tropical fruits such as guava, grapefruit and gooseberry.
Variety: 62% Chenin Blanc & 38% Chardonnay
Palate: Zesty freshness and lively bursts of citrus and tropical fruits with a lingering aftertaste.
Occasion: Tastes like tropical fruit, pineapple, lime and summer. Enjoy with family and friends during laid-back lunches anytime, anywhere!
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5,5 g/l
13,25 Vol
2,8 g/l
The grapes are from the Darling region and are picked at optimum ripeness to ensure a fresh fruity flavour. Cooler fermentation between 12°C and 14°C helps with fruit flavour development.